Cost To Own

The HOA board at Grand Isle is comprised of leaders in their respective industries that have been hands-on since day one and continue to proudly and effectively serve on the board. Every detail meets their scrutiny and Grand Isle has become an even more remarkable resort for it.

Annual Expenses

Home Owners Association Fees

HOA fees are charged as a quarterly assessment AND include the following:

The following expenses are associated with the common areas:

  • Housekeeping Payroll and Other Expenses (villa exteriors)
  • Maintenance Payroll (painters, preventative maintenance, general maintenance) and Other Expenses
  • Service Contracts (HVAC, pest control, key lock systems, telecommunications, technology, management)
  • Pool and Recreational Equipment and Supplies
  • Landscaping Payroll and Other Expenses (irrigation systems, fertilizer, plant material)
  • Utilities (Cable, Satellite, Common Area Electric and Water/Sewer, Telephone Service)
  • Administration Payroll and Other expenses
  • Legal Fees, Audit, Reserve Study
  • Security Payroll and Other Expenses
  • Insurance (Fidelity Bond, Directors & Officers, Liability, Golf Cart Insurance)
  • Golf Cart Registration Fees
  • Maintenance Facility Operating Costs

Please contact Dimitri Fourlas in our real estate office regarding annual expenses for each specific villa.

Property Taxes

Actual real property tax depends on appraised value and whether or not the villa is participating in the Hotel Rental Program

  • Villa in Rental Program: Tax 0%
  • Villa Outside of Program: First $500,000 Tax at 1%; Above $500,000 Tax at 2%

As an example, a villa selling for $1.5 million would be subject to annual property tax of $25,000 if it is not part of the rental pool.

Purchasing Real Estate in Exuma

Purchasing outside of your country may seem daunting and some countries are more difficult to purchase in than others, but you will find the process in the Bahamas to be seamless. There are elements that make the transaction unique and Grand Isle Resort will consult with you on any questions regarding the buying process.